Apple California: iPhone 13 Pink With Always on Display

Apple California: iPhone 13 Pink With Always on Display

Every Apple announcement always hides a few Easter eggs. We decided to break down every single reference in the article. 

It’s happening. Just as insiders thought, Apple will hold its all-virtual event on September 14. It was one of those few times when Apple turned out to be pretty predictable and announced the event exactly when we were expecting it. 

New products are supposed to be shown at the Sept. 14 presentation. 

We all hope that the Apple Watch 7 smartwatch will be announced, but according to rumors, the company is now seeing problems with the production of the novelty. Therefore the announcement could be postponed until October, although the last time it was different: initially showed the smartwatch on September 18, and after 23 the iPhone 12 came out. In November we should expect the release of the new Macs on the M1X. 

California Streaming 

But now we’re interested in Apple’s event, which the company called “California Streaming.” The first clue lurks in the title: Apple is referring to the song “California Dreamin'” (1965) by The Mamas & the Papas, which was named one of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song was ranked No. 89. 

Welcome to the Looking Glass. 

Apple has a good tradition of adding virtual reality elements to its events. This time also was not without another “surprise”.

How to watch the Apple Easterling in AR: 

  • Go to the Apple Event site from your iPhone | iPad;
  • Click on the Logo;
  • Wait for the augmented reality element to load. 

The California Streaming Easterling sends us to the Looking Glass, where you can watch the landscape of sunrise in California (Monterey). A subtle hint that new firmware awaits us right after the presentation? Last year that’s exactly what happened, the presentation was held on September 16, and already on September 18 everyone got iOS 14. But here we were presented with the Big Sur only in November, so we should not wait for the macOS 12 Monterey update after the presentation of the iPhone 13. 

The screensaver scenery shows Point Lobos State Natural Reserve park, which is located near Monterey and Carmel. From the photos, you can see the similarity of the shoreline. 

Incidentally, it should be noted that this is one of Apple’s screensavers where realism is involved. If you look at WWDC 2021, the announcement of last year’s presentations (Spring Event and Fall Apple Event), we see a minimum of interaction and any real displays of scenery, stars and so on. There are dominated by graphic elements that supposedly hint at the fact that you have to live the “virtual event.” 

Perhaps by making a splash page on California Streaming, Apple is warning that this could be the last fully virtual event. And beyond that, we’re already in for a return to hybrid encounters, as we’ve had before. 

The pink iPhone 13 will come out this year

At least the gradients on the splash screen hint at that. Last year, we were shown the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro | 12 Pro Max. The screen saver had a predominant blue color with orange. This year there was a lot of hype about the iPhone 13 Pink and here we see a delicate Rose Gold on the splash screen. Is there a hidden meaning to this? Maybe, but treat it with caution because we haven’t been shown an orange iPhone after all, have we? 

Aerial photo of the iPhone 13 Pro 

In rumors about the future capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro, well-known insider Min-Chi Kuo reported that the novelty’s camera will get all the right features for aerial photography. And so in the screensaver, as well as in the augmented reality “Looking Glass,” we see hints of this in the stars and flying through reality. In addition, the new iPhone 13 will also get the ability to shoot video in portrait mode. 

AirPods 3’s spatial sound 

This is a trick I didn’t notice right away. But when you open the Looking Glass in Apple’s Easterling, the sound doesn’t lay down evenly, it seems to move as you point the iPhone | Pad camera. Test it out if you find the time. I find this a hint at the release of the AirPods 3, which are supposed to get spatial sound support with head-tracking. 

Always on Display 

One of the most interesting Easter eggshells is saved for dessert: Always on Display for the iPhone 13 Pro | 13 Pro Max. Rumors about it appeared a year ago, but only recently have they been confirmed by Min-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman. 

Reflection in water, colors, they considered a hint of the appearance of this technology in future iPhones. Well, and, of course, we hope for the appearance of ProMotion with support for screen refresh rate 120Hz. 

Apple’s virtual reality glasses 

Some said that the headband hints at the appearance of a virtual reality headset. To be honest, it’s a very controversial rumor, because according to statements we won’t see the release of this technology until 2022. 

But the perception of augmented reality in the iPhone can be pumped up. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that LiDAR will be added to the entire lineup, but, Min-Chi Kuo has already dashed that hope, saying that Apple has postponed such improvements for another year. 

Apple Watch 7 in a new design 

Look at the reflection on the water: the square light below seems to hint that the new smartwatch will get sharp edges. Especially since there have already been an incredible number of leaks about it. We could fantasize and paste here the new form factor for the iPad 9, as well as the iPad mini 6, but as far as we know, only the second mentioned model will get such an update so far. 

  • How to watch the presentation of iPhone 13
  • YouTube: Apple will add a link to the broadcast;
  • Apple TV: streaming will be available on the day of the presentation;
  • Apple: the official website will broadcast. 

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