“Apple ID Is Blocked for Security Reasons”: Regaining Access to the Account

“Apple ID Is Blocked for Security Reasons”: Regaining Access to the Account


  • Eliminating Apple ID blocked for security reasons
  • Password recovery procedure
  • Using a device that was previously connected to Apple ID
  • Contacting Apple Support

Since an Apple ID stores a lot of a user’s sensitive information, this account needs serious protection to prevent the data from falling into the wrong hands. One of the consequences of this protection is the message “Your Apple ID has been blocked for security reasons.

Eliminating Apple ID blocked for security reasons

This message can result from repeatedly entering an incorrect password or answering security questions incorrectly, either by you or by someone else, when you use any device connected to your Apple ID.

Password recovery procedure

First of all, if you are at fault for such a message, that is, it was you who specified the password incorrectly, you will need to perform the password recovery procedure, which involves resetting your current password and setting a new one. This procedure has been described in more detail on our website earlier.

Using a device previously connected to Apple ID

If you have an Apple device that suddenly shows a message on the screen saying that your Apple ID has been locked for security reasons, this could indicate that another person who knows your email address from your Apple ID is trying to pick a password for your account, but all attempts so far have failed because the account has been locked.

When the message “Apple ID is locked” is displayed on your device, click the “Unlock Account” button just below.
You’ll see a window with the available unlock options: “Unlock with email” and “Answer security questions.
If you choose the first option, you’ll need to go to your inbox, where you’ll already receive an email from Apple with a link to unlock your account. If you chose the control questions, however, the screen will display two questions out of three, to which you only need to give the correct answers.
Once the recovery process is complete, be sure to change your Apple Idi profile password.

Contacting Apple Support

An alternative way to gain access to your Apple ID account is to contact support.
Follow this URL to the Apple Help page and in the “Apple Specialists” box, select “Get Help.”
Getting help from Apple
In the next window, open the “Apple ID” section.
Getting help with Apple ID
Select the “Deactivated Apple ID account” option.
Deactivated Apple ID.

Select “Talk to Apple Support Now” in case you now have the option to contact an expert. If there is no such option at the moment, accordingly, proceed to “Call Apple Support later”.
Talking to Apple Support

Depending on the selected section, you’ll need to fill out a short questionnaire, after which the specialist will call the specified number immediately or at a time specified by you. Explain in detail your problem to the specialist. Carefully following his instructions, you will soon be able to access your account.

These are all ways to remove the “security lock” and get your Apple ID back.