Apple ID Password Recovery

Apple ID Password Recovery


  • Password recovery options
  • Restoring Apple ID through the website
  • Password recovery via Apple device
  • Via iTunes program

Apple ID is the most important account that every user of Apple devices and products has. It is responsible for storing information about purchases, connected services, linked bank cards, used devices, etc. Due to its importance, you should always remember your authorization password. If you forget it, you can recover it.

Password recovery options

The most logical step if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID password is to perform the recovery procedure, and you can do it from either a computer or a smartphone or other handheld device.

Restore Apple ID through the website

Follow this link to a password recovery URL page. First, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID email address, enter the characters from the picture below, and then you can click the “Continue” button.

In the next window, “I want to reset my password” is checked by default. Leave it there, and then select the “Continue” button.

You’ll have two options to reset your Apple ID password: using your email address and security questions. In the first, you’ll receive an email that you’ll need to open and follow the attached link that resets your password. In the second, you will need to answer the two security questions that you specified when you registered your account. In our example, we’ll mark the second checkbox and move on.

The system will require you to specify your date of birth.
Specifying your date of birth to reset your Apple ID

The system will display two control questions at its discretion. Both will require correct answers.

If your affiliation with your account is confirmed in one of the ways, you will be prompted twice to enter a new password, in which you must consider the following requirements:

  • The password must be at least 8 characters long;
  • You should use upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and symbols;
  • Passwords already used on other sites should not be specified;
  • Password should not be easy to guess, for example, composed of your name and date of birth.

Retrieve your password via your Apple device

If you’ve logged in to your Apple ID on your Apple device, but you don’t remember your password from it to, for example, download an app to your gadget, you can open the password recovery window as follows:

  • Launch the App Store app. In the “Selection” tab, go down to the very bottom of the page and click on “Apple ID: [your_address_email]”.
  • An additional menu will be displayed where you will need to click on the “iForgot” button.
  • Safari will launch on the screen, which will start redirecting you to the password reset page. The principle of resetting the password further is exactly the same as described in the first method.

Via iTunes

You can also access the recovery page through the iTunes program installed on your computer.

Run iTunes. Click the “Account” tab in the header of the program. If you are logged into your account, you will need to log out by clicking on the appropriate button.
Click the “Account” tab again, and this time select “Sign in.
A login screen will appear, requiring you to click the “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” button.

This will launch your default browser, which will redirect you to the password recovery page. The following procedure is described in the first method.

If you have access to your email account or know the exact answers to the checklist questions, you won’t have any trouble recovering your password.