Changing Apple ID on Different Devices

Changing Apple ID on Different Devices

Changing your Apple ID

Changing your Apple ID directly involves changing your username (email address), which is used for authentication. You will not lose access to your contacts, purchases or any other data contained in your account. Necessary actions can be performed solely through a browser, on a device with any operating system.

Apple ID management page

Follow the link above to the Apple website and log in to your account by entering your username and password for your account and clicking on “Next”.
If necessary, complete the two-factor authentication process by entering the code you received on your Apple device or mobile number in the appropriate field.
In the “Account” block, click the “Change” button,
Change the data specified in the Apple ID account in the browser and then click “Change Apple ID”.
Follow the link to change the information in your Apple ID account in the browser
Specify the new email address you want to use in place of your current email address and click “Continue.”

If you’re using a third-party (not Apple’s) email address as your new ID, a verification code will be sent to your box,

A validation code for your new Apple ID in your new email in the browser which you will need to enter on the site to confirm and click “Continue”.

If the mailbox you specify is at,, or, you will not be able to change your account ID later.

Click the “Done” buttons in the image below to save your changed ID.

Once you’ve changed your account information, sign in again on the devices where you previously used it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access iCloud, Messages, and other Apple services.

Resolving possible problems

In some cases, the procedure for changing the Apple ID runs with errors. Let’s look at their main causes and methods of elimination.

If there is no “Change Apple ID” link in account settings, it means that you cannot change the ID (this is especially true if the tethered box is located at,, or The only solution in this case is to contact the company’s technical support, which you can do at the following link:
Apple Support.

If you use your domain email account which was created less than 30 days ago as your new ID, you will need to retry later, after that period.
In some countries, you can use your cell phone number as your Apple Account ID instead of your email. It can only be changed to a different number, and this is done according to the instructions in the previous part of the article.

Changing an Apple ID account

If the task is not to change the Apple ID, but the trivial need to log out of one account and enter another, depending on the device used, you need to follow one of the following ways.


In order to change the Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad, you have to resort to one of three ways.


The easiest way to solve the problem voiced in the title of the article is through the settings of the operating system.
Open “Settings” and tap on the first section where your name and profile picture are listed.
Go to Apple ID management in iPhone settings
Scroll to the bottom of this page
View your Apple ID details in the iPhone settings And use the “Sign out” option.
Sign out of your current Apple ID in the iPhone settings
Confirm your intentions by entering your account password. Decide whether you want to keep your iCloud data on your device.
Store a copy of data on your device from Apple ID in iPhone settings
Next, tap the “Exit” caption in the upper right corner,
Exit Apple ID in iPhone settings and then in the pop-up window. Wait for the procedure to complete.
Confirm sign out of Apple ID in iPhone settings
Log in to your new Apple ID account using the appropriate section in iOS/iPadOS Settings
Sign in to your new Apple ID account in the iPhone settings and enter your username and password, then press “Sign in
Entering the username and password from your new Apple ID account in the iPhone settings
Next, you can configure the Apple ID settings, if you wish. The instructions at the link below will help you do this.

App Store

An alternative method of changing the Apple ID on your iPhone and iPad is to use the pre-installed in the operating system application store – App Store. The algorithm of actions that this requires to perform, we have reviewed in a separate article, which we recommend reading.

Reset Settings

The previous two methods are good for cases when the task of changing accounts is temporary, i.e. you plan not only to keep access to the data from the “old” Apple ID, but also to return to using it sooner or later. If this is not necessary, it would be advisable to first clear the mobile device from the information from the previously used account, and only after that authorize in the “new” one. To do this, perform a reset, deleting all the content and settings. In more detail about all the nuances of the procedure, we also told earlier.


If you need to log out of one Apple account and log in to another on your macOS computer or laptop, however, do the following:

Open System Preferences (easiest to do through the Apple menu) and click on the Apple ID icon.
Open the Apple ID control settings on your macOC computer or laptop
Click on the “Logout” button below and confirm your intentions.
Sign out of the Apple ID you’re using on your macOC computer or laptop
Note: You will then be prompted to copy the downloads and data that are stored in iCloud – do with this as you see fit.
Next, in all the same “System Settings” section – “Apple ID” – log in to your new account by entering your username and password for it and using the “Next” button.
Enter your username and password to sign in to your new Apple ID on your macOC computer or laptop
To confirm authorization, you’ll need to enter a code that, depending on the parameters you specify, will be sent in the form of a message to your phone number or a notification to your Apple device. In the second case, you will need to provide authorization beforehand.

Entering a code to sign in to your Apple ID on your macOC computer or laptop
Resolving possible problems
When trying to change your Apple account, certain kinds of errors may occur. The latter are often related to some restrictions and temporary failures, much less often to incorrectly specified or lost data, and therefore they are easy to fix.

Locking Apple ID

Sometimes an Apple account can be blocked while you are directly logged into it – this can happen for security reasons, due to a glitch in the company’s servers and for a number of other reasons. We’ve previously talked about how to restore access to personal data in such cases in separate articles.

Apple ID verification failure

Another error you may encounter when trying to log into your Apple account, primarily on mobile devices. The cause of its occurrence can be a single failure, or incorrectly installed settings of the operating system, but there are others. All of them we have considered in detail in the instructions provided in the link below.

Failed to connect to Apple ID server

A much more serious problem than the above, but still has its own solution. Some of the reasons why it occurs overlap with those in the previous case, but there are others. Each of them, as well as methods of elimination, can be found in the following material.

Forgot Apple ID login and/or password

Sometimes the reason for not being able to log into Apple ID is not an error or malfunction, but a banal inability to do so due to a forgotten login or password from the account. Fortunately, the former can always be found out, and the latter can always be reset and changed. In extremely rare cases, you may need to create a new account.