Downloading Stories From Instagram to iPhone

Downloading Stories From Instagram to iPhone


  • Standard tools
  • Online services
  • Story Saver
  • Insta Story
  • Third Party App
  • Bot for Telegram

Standard tools

By default, the means of the official Instagram app for iOS is quite possible to save your own stories, including automatically after publication. In the case of other people’s stories, unfortunately, you will have to resort to more complicated methods, presented later in this article.

Through the main menu of the mobile client of the social network, go to the start tab and tap your own story in the corresponding block. Subsequently, you should select the desired page, because only one picture or video is downloaded at a time.
Switch to view your Instagram storis

Press the button with three dots and the caption “More” in the bottom right corner of the screen and use the option “Save…”. After that, all that’s left to do is select a location in your device’s memory and confirm the download.
Going to download your own story in the Instagram app

Alternatively, you can enable the automatic saving function. To do this, reopen the menu of the desired post and go to “History settings”.
Go to the settings of your own story in the Instagram app

Here you should enable the “Save to gallery” option, as shown in our example. As a result, the content will be automatically downloaded to your smartphone memory.
Enabling the automatic saving of your own history in the Instagram app

In addition to the above, you can resort to the function “Share in” if you have other apps on your device that can save content. In either case, the desired result will be achieved.

Online services

With the help of special online services, it is possible to save Instagram storis, including the content of other people, but only if the author has an open account. In general, this method can be considered the most recommended, as it requires only going to the website and providing minimal data.

Story Saver

Use the link below to open the Story Saver home page, and tap the “Enter Instagram account username” text box. This field should be filled in according to the user name of the author of the story to be downloaded and subsequently click “Download”.

If the search procedure is successful, the same page will display the appropriate result with the number of fresh stories. To download, scroll through the list below and tap “Save as Photo” or “Save as Video” under the desired option, depending on the type of content.

The images are saved automatically to the download folder. However, if you are trying to download a video, additionally in a new tab with the player you will have to click on the icon with three dots in the lower right corner and use the “Download” option.

Similar to photos, you’ll find the final file in downloads or the gallery. In addition, depending on the settings of the browser, each case may offer an independent choice of location in the memory of the iOS device.

Insta Story

Another online service for downloading storis from Instagram, available at the link below, works in much the same way as the previous one, but with a few differences. After going to the site, you should tap the “Username or link” text box and fill in according to the profile URL or user name of the author of the story.

Note: If you use a URL, you should remove the last slash character, as this will negatively affect the output of the results.

After waiting for your account to complete uploading, scroll down the page below and click on the “Stories” tab. Here you need to select the content you want to upload to your smartphone’s memory.

After going to the view page, tap the “Download” button in the upper right corner of the screen, regardless of the type of content. This will bring up a location selection window or automatically save the final file.

Note that the services are equally suitable not only for downloading, but also for viewing storis without registration in the social network in question. For the same reason, if the presented options do not work or behave unstable, you can read others in a separate article.

Third Party App

For the iOS platform, there are now quite a few apps that are directly linked to Instagram and allow you to perform various tasks, including downloading stories. We will focus on the consideration of one tool, while most other programs work on a similar principle and can be found in the App Store.

On the home page of the app in question, tap the slider in the “FastSave Service” block. Once enabled, tap the “Open Instagram” button or open the official client yourself.
Enabling file uploads in the FastSave for Instagram app

Select the story you want to download to your mobile device’s memory, tap the “…” button in the upper or lower right corner of the screen and use the “Copy Link” option. This will automatically download the content to the program folder.
Downloading a story from Instagram using the FastSave app

There is also an alternative option, which is to use the “Share to” option followed by the app in question. The result is no different from the one presented above, as the file will be downloaded to your phone in MP4 or JPG format, depending on its type.

Bot for Telegram

In addition to third-party applications aimed only at expanding Instagram’s capabilities, you can also download storis by using bots for Telegram. To perform this task, first of all, be sure to download and install the appropriate messenger, not forgetting the subsequent authorization.

While in Telegram, open the search page and enter the ID of the bot you want, presented below. After that, select the appropriate option from the list of results and use the “Start” or “Restart” button at the bottom of the screen.

After successfully enabling the bot, most often you also need to subscribe to the author’s channel and mark any publication with a positive rating. Unfortunately, without this action, the necessary functions simply won’t work.

Having sorted out the preparation, in the field for entering new posts, click on the “/” icon and select “/enable_story_download_at_once” in the presented list. This is necessary so that content can be viewed and downloaded quickly.

Now, choose the custom name of the author of the desired storis or the link to the profile followed by a click on the post’s publish button. If everything is done correctly, the result will be a list of all relevant and downloadable stories.

If the messenger settings disable automatic photo and video downloading, tap the icon with three vertical dots in the corner of the post and select “Save to gallery” or “Save to download.” This action will download the file in its original quality.