Five Ideas for Apps With Geolocation

Five Ideas for Apps With Geolocation

There are not many apps in the world that have used geolocation as a main feature. For example, Foursquare, a service for finding interesting places on the map. In 2016, Pokemon Go appeared and users really liked the game, which uses data about the user’s location.

In our new article, we come up with ideas for apps that are based on the idea of using geopositioning as the main function of the app.


An app whose content is only available in certain locations.

Let’s cross Snapchat and Pokémon. Users leave a temporary message in a certain location. Brands can post discounts that will only be available in certain locations.
Users will be able to recommend a particular location. Brands to attract visitors.

Task Automation Application.

Depending on your location, some routine task is performed – for example, you send a message the moment you leave work.

An app for finding groceries in a supermarket or mall.

As an example, report a discount when the customer is close to the desired products. Accuracy may not be very high since the user will be indoors and other customer tracking technologies will help here.

An app for tracking and notification of dangerous situations.

For example, Google wants to use an accelerometer and user location data to record earthquakes around the world. The accuracy of an individual device may not be very high, but since there will be many devices, this will increase the reliability of the data obtained. It is potentially possible to notify users who are relatively nearby about an earthquake.

A vacation planning app.

There is an idea for a mobile app that would shape your itinerary (choosing hotels, restaurants, excursions) when planning a vacation depending on your budget and show you comprehensively where everything is. Monetize the app by advertising brands and getting them prioritized on the map.


These are only five options that came to us when writing this article. I think you can come up with several original ideas, just see what actions you would like to automate, depending on your location. And to implement your idea you can leave an application at our company, we will develop a mobile application of any complexity.