How to Change Your Apple ID Password

How to Change Your Apple ID Password


  • Changing your Apple ID password
  • Through the Apple website
  • Using Apple device
  • Using iTunes

Your password is the most important tool for protecting your account, so it needs to be strong. If your Apple ID password isn’t secure enough, you should take a moment to change it.

Changing your Apple ID password

Traditionally, you have several ways to change your password at once.

Through the Apple website

Follow this link to the Apple ID login page and log in to your account.
Authenticate at the Apple ID site
Once you’re logged in, find the Security section and click the Change Password button.
An additional menu pops up where you have to enter your old password once and enter your new password twice below. Click on the “Change Password” button to accept the changes.

Using your Apple device

You can also change your password from your gadget that’s connected to your Apple ID account.

Launch the App Store. In the “Selection” tab, click on your Apple ID.
Selecting an Apple ID in the App Store
An additional menu will pop up where you should click the “View Apple ID” button.
The screen will automatically launch the browser, which will start redirecting you to a URL page to view your Apple ID information. Tap on your email address.
In the next window, you’ll need to select your country.
Selecting your country in the App Store
Enter your Apple ID information to sign in to the site.
The system will ask two control questions, which will need to give the correct answers.
A window will open with a list of sections, among which you will need to select “Security.
Manage Security in your Apple ID
Select the “Change Password” button.
You’ll need to enter the old password once, and in the next two lines, enter and confirm the new password. Tap the “Change” button for the changes to take effect.

Using iTunes

Finally, you can perform the required procedure using the iTunes program installed on your computer.
Run iTunes. Click on the “Account” tab and select the “View” button.
Next, an authorization window will pop up asking you for your account password.
A window will pop up with your Apple ID at the top and an “Edit at” button to the right, which you’ll select.
In the next moment, the default web browser will automatically launch, redirecting you to the service page. First, you’ll need to select your country.

Enter your Apple ID information. All of the following steps are exactly the same as described in the previous method.

On the subject of changing your Apple ID password, that’s it for today.