How to Manage Subscriptions in Apple ID

How to Manage Subscriptions in Apple ID

Any Apple device owner sooner or later faces the need to manage their subscriptions. Usually their registration occurs when using the paid versions of any applications from the AppStore, as well as when purchasing the Pro-versions of programs. Let’s look at how to find out the list of your subscriptions, their expiration date and the ability to delete them if necessary.

Managing Subscriptions in Apple ID

Many apps on the App Store are free, but any additional benefits and features cost money. Often, subscriptions to paid apps are unintentional, or the need for them will go away over time. In this situation, the most rational solution is to remove the app from auto-renewable subscriptions. This section is also necessary to control your expenses. You should not forget that the free trial period expires sooner or later. Its duration depends on the specific developer, but usually does not exceed 3-4 weeks. After that, the app will automatically start charging your bank card for the required amount. If you’ve changed your Apple ID or there’s not enough money on your card, you’ll still owe money for the paid subscription.
Particularly many complaints come from parents whose children may have accidentally made additional subscriptions to games or purchased Pro versions of apps. Apple Support rarely refunds bills that have already been paid in these situations. To avoid unnecessary debt, and to protect yourself from being charged for apps that your kids may have inadvertently signed up for, it’s important to know as much as you can about managing subscriptions.

Viewing Subscriptions

Before you start editing data regarding subscriptions in your account, you should see if you have them. See our other article on how to open all of your subscriptions in iTunes.

Payment methods

The iOS update has indirectly affected subscription payment methods as well. At the moment, when registering an Apple ID, any user is required to add an actual payment method. This can be bank cards of payment systems MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

Apple ID account

A valid Apple ID account allows you to pay for iTunes purchases, purchase additional iCloud storage space, and more. You can fund your account using gift cards or directly from your bank cards. The following steps are required.

  1. Under Settings, click on the first line where the Apple ID owner information is listed.
  2. Click on “iTunes Store and App Store”.
  3. Click on the Apple ID line with your email address.
  4. Click on “View Apple ID.”
  5. Next you need to find “Top up your Apple ID account.”
  6. Choose an amount for instant recharge and click “Next”.
  7. Confirm the purchase. Some bank cards may require you to enter a confirmation code from the SMS.

The money will be credited to your Apple ID account within minutes. If you have any problems, contact your bank’s customer service.

Bank card

This method is more common and versatile than the previous one. Learn how to link or change your payment card in your Apple ID account in our separate story.


Many apps offer different paid subscription terms for their additional features. Typically, 1 month, 3 months and a year are considered standard terms. If you can’t choose a longer subscription period, and you don’t want to renew every month, you can auto-renew your subscription. You can do it by pressing “Auto-renew” button when you subscribe to a certain tariff.


Apple ID is often used on several devices at once. It can be a smartphone and a tablet at the same time, or several smartphones of family members. In this situation, paid subscriptions apply to all devices, but you can edit them from any device. You can find out how to cancel a subscription, as well as how to solve the most common problems, in another guide.

It is recommended to check the subscriptions section of your Apple ID at least once a month and remove programs that are no longer relevant.

We told you how to find out what paid or free trial subscriptions are available through your Apple ID and how to pay, renew and remove them. Don’t forget that each update to the iOS operating system brings its own innovations, which may cause some details to change.