How to Remove Age Restriction in Apple Music

How to Remove Age Restriction in Apple Music


  • Phone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Solutions to possible problems


In order to disable the age restriction in Apple’s music service on your iOS/iPadOS device, you need to refer to the system settings.
Open Settings and swipe down.
Swipe down to the bottom of the iOS settings on your iPhone.
Tap on the “Screen Time” section.
Open the “Screen Time” section of your iPhone settings
Scroll down a bit on the page that opens.
Scroll down to the “Screen Time” section of your iPhone settings and go to the “Content & Privacy” subsection.
Open the “Content & Privacy” subsection of your iPhone settings
Slide the switch opposite the option of the same name to the active position.
Turn on content and privacy in the iPhone settings
Select the Content Restrictions option.
Open “Content Restrictions” in the iPhone privacy settings.
Note: At this point, you may need to enter the pin code set when you set up the Screen Time feature, or the Apple ID password.
Make sure the Age Code field is set to your country, and if not, change it, then tap Music, Podcasts, and News.
Open the Music, Podcasts, and News subsection of your iPhone’s privacy settings.
Check the box next to “With non-normative content” and go back.
Allow music with non-normative content to play in the iPhone privacy settings
You can do the same with other content available on Apple Music and the iTunes Store – video clips, movies, TV shows, and more.
Allow video clips with inappropriate content to play in the iPhone privacy settings
Restart the Apple Music app and try including a track marked “Explicit”. If you’re having trouble playing it, check out the last part of this article.


On Android mobile devices, disabling the age restriction follows a slightly different algorithm – in the Apple Music settings.
Launch the application and bring up its menu by clicking on the three dots located in the upper right corner.
Open the menu of the Apple Music app on Android
Select Settings.
Open the settings of the Apple Music app on Android
Scroll down through the list of options in this section to the “Restrictions” block.
Scroll down to the bottom of the Apple Music app settings on Android
Click on “Content Restrictions.”
Open the “Content Restrictions” section of the Apple Music app settings on Android
Enter the pin code that was previously set for this feature.
Enter the pin code to remove content restrictions in the settings of the Apple Music app on Android
Move the switch opposite “Music” to the active position
Allow non-normative content in the Apple Music app settings on Android or, conversely, disable it opposite “Enable content restrictions.” The latter, as is easy to guess, removes all restrictions, not just those set on music.
Disabling age restrictions in Apple Music app settings on Android
All music marked “Explicit” will now be available for listening, as you can see by launching one of these tracks.
Playing a track marked “Explicit” in the settings of the Apple Music app on Android


If you prefer to listen to music through the iTunes app for PCs, do the following to remove the age restrictions:
Expand the “Edit” tab menu and open “Settings.” Alternatively, you can use the “Ctrl + ,” key combination.
Open “iTunes Settings” in Windows
In the “General Settings” window, go to the “Restrictions” section.
Open the “Restrictions” tab in iTunes Settings in Windows.
Make sure the country you live in is listed under Age restrictions. Uncheck “Music with non-normative (explicit) content” and confirm the action, if necessary. Click “OK” to close the window.
Disabling Age Restriction in iTunes Settings on Windows
The restriction has been removed, and music with non-normal content is available for listening.


On Apple computers and laptops, you can remove the age restriction either in the Music app (formerly iTunes) or in the system settings.
Use the menu bar to open the Settings section of the Music app.
Open the Music app settings on macOS
Click the “Restrictions” tab and uncheck the “Music with non-normative content” box. Make sure your country of residence is selected in the Age drop-down list beforehand.
Allow music with non-normative content in the Music app in macOS
Confirm the changes and click “OK” to close the window.
Save the removal of age restrictions in the Music app in macOS
“System Preferences” (screen time feature).
Click on “Apple” and open “System Preferences.”
Open the system preferences in macOS
Go to the “Screen Time” section.
Navigate to the screen time controls in macOS System Preferences.
In the next window, open the “Stores” tab, select your country in the “Age Restriction” list, and check the box next to “Non-Normal Content in Music, Podcasts, and News.”
Removing age restrictions for Screen Time in macOS settings
After closing the settings window, the age restrictions in the Apple Music service will be removed.

Solutions to potential problems

Sometimes after performing the actions described above, it turns out that the age restriction has not been removed, and the content is unavailable for listening. In this case, you should act according to the following algorithm – perhaps at one of the stages the problem will be solved.
First of all, check the age that you specified when registering your Apple ID. If it’s lower than the age for which non-normative content is allowed in the country (depending on the specifics of current legislation, this may be 16, 18, or 21), try changing your date of birth in the account settings.
Read also: How to set up your Apple ID
Change your Apple ID information in your account settings
Close the Apple Music app and restart your iPhone.
Turn off your iPhone
Sign out of your Apple ID account and sign in again.
Sign out of your Apple ID account in the iPhone settings.
Open the iTunes Store (not the App Store or Music) and find any track labeled “Explicit.
Open the Music section of the iTunes Store on your iPhone.
Start playing and confirm this action. Alternatively, you can do the same in the Podcasts app.
Launching a track marked Explicit in the iTunes Store app on iPhone
On Windows computers, you need to open the Store tab in iTunes, find the corresponding song, and turn it on.
Turning on an age-restricted track in iTunes on your PC
If none of the above helped and the problem is still observed on your iPhone or iPad, try disabling the Screen Time feature completely.
Open the “Screen Time” section in the iPhone settings
To do this, open the appropriate section in the settings of your mobile OS or macOS computer, scroll to the bottom of the page, click “Turn Off Screen Time” and confirm your intentions in the pop-up window.
Turn off screen time in iPhone settings
You can turn this feature on later.