How to Sign In to an Apple ID From a Computer?

How to Sign In to an Apple ID From a Computer?


  • The official Apple website
  • iCloud
  • Windows apps
  • – iCloud
  • – iTunes

The official Apple website

On Apple’s website, you can manage all your Apple ID settings the same way you would from your iPhone or iPad.

Go to Apple website

  1. Enter your Apple ID and click the arrow icon. If you need to sign in to your account frequently from this computer, you can check the “Remember me” checkbox so you don’t have to enter your details manually every time.
  2. Enter your Apple ID password and click the arrow.
  3. If your account has two-factor authentication enabled, your iPhone will receive a message that you tried to sign in, tap on it to confirm the action.
  4. Tap “Allow” on your phone.
  5. Your device will receive a 6-digit verification code. If two-factor identification is not enabled, or if the SIM card linked to the Apple ID is in your Android smartphone, the verification code to sign in will come in the form of an SMS.
  6. Enter the numbers in the appropriate fields on the website.
  7. Full access to the Apple ID will be opened. When you are finished with your account, click the “Sign out” button.


If someone else’s computer is used to sign in to your Apple ID, you must be sure to sign out of your account to avoid giving others access to your personal information.


You can also sign in to your Apple ID through the official iCloud website.
1. Type in your Apple ID and click the arrow icon.
2. 2. Type your password and click on the same icon.
To avoid having to enter your account information every time, you can check the “Stay logged in” box.
Tap on the authorization warning that will come to your iPhone. 4.
4. Tap “Allow.”
5. An authorization code will come to your phone.
6. Enter the received digits into the fields on the site and wait until the verification is completed.
7. Press the “Trust” button if you are logging in to iCloud from your computer and don’t want to enter the verification code next time.
8. When iCloud opens, click on the “Account Settings” line to open the Apple ID management window.
9. Click “Account Settings.”
10. 10. The iCloud window opens.

Windows apps

You can also sign in to your Apple ID account using separate Windows apps.

Option 1: iCloud

The official iCloud app lets you access your account settings, photos, passwords, bookmarks, and iCloud Drive content from your computer.

  1. Click the button above to open the Microsoft Store, and click “Get.”
  2. Allow the Microsoft Store app to open.
  3. Once the store is launched, click “Get”.
  4. Wait for the download to complete.
  5. When the program downloads, confirm the change request – the installation will start automatically.
  6. Click “Run”.
    In some builds of Windows 10 the store does not work correctly, so if the program does not open, run it from the “Start” menu (the application will be in the “Recently Added” section).
  7. Enter your Apple ID and password.
  8. Click “Login.”
  9. When an alert comes to your iPhone that you’re trying to sign in to your account, tap it to confirm your authorization.
  10. Select the “Allow” option.
  11. Wait until you receive the verification code.
  12. Type these numbers in the iCloud window on your computer.
    • Read the offer to send diagnostic information and accept (or decline) it.
    • The iCloud content will be accessed.
  13. To change your Apple ID settings, tap the Account button.
  14. Click “Manage Apple ID” to open the official site for logging in to the account.


By default, the iCloud application is registered in the autorun. If you do not want the program to run every time you turn on your computer, you need to remove it manually from there.

Option 2: iTunes

The iTunes app for Windows 10 lets you manage the music and videos you download to your iPhone, make purchases, and keep a backup of your mobile device on your computer.

  1. Click “Get.”
  2. Allow the Microsoft Store to open.
  3. click “Install.”
  4. Wait for the download and installation to complete.
  5. Click on “Launch”.
  6. Accept (or decline) Apple’s offer to share information about your media library.
  7. To sign in to your Apple ID, select “Account” from the program menu and click “Sign In.
  8. Enter your Apple ID and password, then click Sign in.