The 20 Most Useless Apps in the World

The 20 Most Useless Apps in the World

Razor simulator, toilet visit map, sausage war and other creations of developers that cause bewilderment

Treadmill finger workout

Graphically stark, the app is a treadmill for the fingers. It works very simply: you press a button and work out. In online mode you can find out the distance you ran, and after you finish (when you get tired) you can compare your result with achievements of other users.

The developers themselves believe that this application is useful: with its help you can relax during your lunch break or after work. Constant “cardio training”, according to them, protects against arthritis and sports injuries. This may be true, but so far none of the “athletes” have left praise. Neither have any critical reviews.

Places I’ve Pooped

The application allows you to put on the map points to visit toilets and compete with friends, who visited the most toilets. For this purpose, you will receive notifications on your smartphone when someone has put another toilet point. Achievements can be shared on social networks. Very inspiring.

Pimple Popper

Creepy app where you have to squeeze virtual characters’ pimples (one of them looks like DiCaprio). Perhaps some people really enjoy it. You have to squeeze quickly: the faster, the more coins you get to buy new characters with new pimples on them.

Beer now! iBeer

Want to drink a beer but can’t? Download iBeer and “drink” with friends, family or strangers from different countries. The app features cross-drinks with up to four people, photo sharing after drinking together, and voice chat discussions. The menu includes four beers, wine, champagne, vodka and other drinks.

What’s it for? It is difficult to say. However, according to the developers, the app has been a bestseller on the App Store for three years. It has been downloaded 90 million times.


For fans of the movie “Dumb and Dumber”. Photograph a friend or girlfriend (preferably wearing shorts or a short skirt) and blur everything below the waist with pixels. You get a racy photo – as if the person were naked. You could go further: put it on the cover of a tabloid.

Bleep Button

An app for those who swear in foul language but are embarrassed about it. If you feel like you can’t hold back foul words, you just press the red button. It will flag your speech just like it does on TV shows, for example.


A find for the superstitious. Helps if you have an immediate urge to spit over your shoulder and tap on wood, but nothing wooden is around.

“When something bad happens, you’re worried or suffering from depression, open the app, touch the screen and say the touch wood spell. It may happen that the spirits of the wood will bring you peace of mind,” the developers say.


SMTH (Send Me To Heaven) is an app for those who have absolutely nothing to do and want to tickle their nerves. SMTH (Send Me To Heaven) is an app that determines how high you toss your smartphone.

The developers have honestly warned that this process can cause damage to the gadget itself and its owner, as well as random passers-by. But for someone to make it to the top of SMTH, apparently, it’s worth it.

Anti Mosquito

An app to repel mosquitoes. The smartphone begins to emit ultrasound. Useless, because the developers themselves admit: its effect is not confirmed, and therefore you should take it as a prank. However, as follows from the reviews, some users under the ultrasound instantly calm down and fall asleep. At least some good.

Watermelon Prober

An app that helps you determine the ripeness of a watermelon. It’s simple: you need to put your smartphone on the berry and tap on the crust three times with a pause of a few seconds. The problem is that the app gives different results even when examining the same watermelon.

Newton’s Cradle

This app is a virtual version of Newton’s pendulum, the balls that transfer momentum to each other on impact. In theory, contemplating this process is supposed to relieve stress. But not in this case.

Hold On!

A stunningly useless app. The user is invited to hold the button as long as possible and see if there are those who are similarly mediocre at wasting their time (counting is conducted in milliseconds).

However, the developers believe that the ability to press the button develops persistence, improves concentration skills and makes you more productive.Yo
An app that allows you to send other users the interjection Yo. The developers are trying to give it some meaning: “Yo can mean anything. It all depends on you, the recipient of the message, and the time the message was sent.” Well at least a good reason to remember the heroine of “Twelve Chairs” Ellochka the Ogre, who communicated with the world in a similar way.

Lick the Icicle

The user is invited to literally lick the icicle on the screen. For a while. Until it melts. Why? No one yet knows the answer to this question.


Are you hot? Try turning on the fan on your smartphone. Maybe the sight of spinning blades will help you. Especially since you can even choose the most pleasant sound in the app.

Sausage Legend

If you really like grilled sausages, this is the app for you. Thanks to the exuberant imagination of the developers, the sausages are heroic: fighting, shooting, engaging in original martial arts (with forks). Perhaps after a couple of levels you will love this food even more.

Xp Error Mobile

A treat for those nostalgic for a Windows XP computer that hangs. You will be reminded of six system errors with a corresponding soundtrack. A good opportunity to grind your teeth with rage again.

Is it dark outside?

Want to know if it’s dark outside or light outside? Don’t look out the window, start this app. The answer will be given based on your current location, date and time of sunrise and sunset. No mistakes!

Many grateful users have already noted the value of the app, saying they feel like an important part of the community. And that’s great.

Razor – cuts the hair (JOKE)

Fun for owners of beards, who periodically want to shave them, but do not dare. The simulator shows that not only hairs fall from the chin, but also flies, spiders, worms and other unpleasant creatures. I guess it can be fun in certain circumstances.

Hodor Keyboard

An app for those who really like the word Hodor. Game of Thrones fans know that Hodor is the retarded servant in House Stark who can only pronounce his own name. The app works on the same principle. For 34 rubles, you get a keyboard that types just one word.