Why Apps Don’t Uninstall on the iPhone

Why Apps Don't Uninstall on the iPhone

Recently, many users have problems when trying uninstall any program or game from their iPhone. The icon is hidden from the home screen, but the program itself remains in the application library on the smartphone.

It also fails to delete something through the Settings – Basic – iPhone Storage menu. In the section for each of the applications is trivial there is no Delete button.

It’s all about the “helpful instructions” that some public figures have recently circulated in order to protect apps on the iPhone from mythical deletion from the smartphone.

Everyone who followed such an example is now unable to delete any program. The solution to the problem is simple enough.

How to disable app deletion lock in iOS

  1. Go to Settings – Screen time – Content and privacy.
  2. Disable the master switch to disable all restrictions from this section or go to the iTunes and App Store Purchases menu.
  3. Under Uninstall apps, change the setting to Yes.