Why Some Songs Are Not Available in Apple Music

Why Some Songs Are Not Available in Apple Music


  • Disabled sync
  • Open pre-order
  • Actions of artists and content providers
  • Regional restrictions
  • Age Restrictions

Disabled Sync

If all or some of the music in your media library (rather than your Apple service library as a whole) seems inactive even though it was previously available, it is worth assuming that the cause is disconnected data sync. This is especially true if you use Apple Music on several devices, and among the inaccessible content there are songs previously purchased in iTunes or added to it yourself.

To fix the problem, it is advisable to use not only the device on which it occurs, but also other devices where you also use the service application.

iTunes (Windows) and Music (macOS)
Bring up the File menu and click Media Library – Synchronize iCloud Media Library.
Update your iCloud library in iTunes on your computer
Next, from the File menu, choose Devices – Sync.
Synchronize your Apple Music library with other devices in iTunes on your computer
Restart the Apple Music app on your mobile device, wait until data sync is complete, and try playing previously unavailable content.
Apple Music mobile app (iOS/iPadOS)
Open “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad and swipe down.
Swipe down through the iOS settings on your iPhone
In the list of system apps, find “Music” and tap on that name.
Open the Music app options in the iPhone settings
Slide the switch opposite “Media Library Sync” to the active position.
Turn on Media Library sync for the Music app in the iPhone settings

If synchronization of the media library has been forcibly disabled, you will know about it when you launch the Apple application directly – the “Media Library” tab will show the corresponding notification, and under it – the “Enable” button, which you should click.
Enable media library synchronization in the Music app in the iPhone settings
All that remains is to wait until “Connect to your Cloud Media Library” is done,
Connecting to Your Cloud Media Library in the Music app on iPhone and downloading it.
Downloading the music library in the iPhone Music app and syncing.

Synchronizing your music library in the Music app on iPhone
Once the procedure is complete, you will see all the music you have previously added to yourself.

To conclude this method, let us voice the obvious fact – synchronization of the media library can be performed only if the device on which the problem in question is observed is connected to the Internet.

Open Preorder

Some tracks may not be available on the Apple Music service for the sole reason that they have not yet been released by the artist. This problem is usually observed with albums from which several songs have already been submitted as singles, and the release itself is open for pre-order. An example can be seen in the image below.
Album in Apple Music app for which there is an open pre-order on iPhone
All you can do in this case is to find out the release date (indicated next to the cover). But the problem is that the Apple Music app only shows the year, so you’ll need to turn to either the iTunes Store (iPhone, iPad),
To view an album’s release date in the iTunes Store app on your iPhone or the Store section of iTunes (PC).
The album release date in iTunes Store (PC)

Artist and content providers actions

Music artists and content providers (labels, rights holders) may change or remove music from Apple Music for various reasons. It’s not uncommon for “missing” songs to appear under different titles (for example, with or without additional data) or in other releases (for example, a compilation instead of an album or vice versa). To find them, enter the artist’s name and track title into the search bar, or go to the artist’s page and look through their entire catalog. Once you find a song, add it to your library.
Find and add a song to your music library on the Apple Music app on iPhone
Sometimes songs are removed from Apple Music because they are blocked or copyrighted. There is no guaranteed effective solution in this case: the song can either return to the service catalog after a while or never appear there again.

Regional restrictions

Another reason why certain tracks are not available in Apple Music (when you can find them via search, but not play them), are regional restrictions. This happens because there are no copyrights or they are disputed, or because different regions have different rights to the same content from different rights holders and/or someone simply did not agree with someone. As with the aforementioned blocking, there is no knowingly workable solution in this case – you just have to wait.

Alternatively, it is possible to change the country of the Apple ID account, but to do this, you need to know exactly what country the desired song or songs are available in, have a bank card issued in its territory, and be prepared for other problems. The latter can include other, perhaps higher prices for content in Apple’s digital services and all the same regional restrictions, which simply can affect other music.

Entering card details and residential address when adding a payment method to the App Store on iPhone

Age restrictions

If you see “E” (Explicit) next to the names of all the songs you can’t play, the reason for their inaccessibility is an active age restriction. The latter, as it is easy to guess, hides content with profanity, first of all. To learn how to disable these restrictions on any of the devices that use Apple Music, see the article presented in the link below.